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Photonics West 2010

ALIO Industries at Photonics West 2010

Photonics West 2010 was held in a new venue this year, moving from the San Jose Convention Center where it had been held for years to the Moscone Center in San Francisco. The new venue is much larger, offering much more room for the tradeshow and eliminating the tents that had been used in recent years to accommodate overflow at the San Jose location. The Colorado Photonics Cluster was located in the larger South Hall of the Moscone Center, the same hall where most of the major photonics suppliers were located. Feedback from the Colorado Cluster participants was very positive overall and many felt that their booth traffic was higher than previous years. Others felt that the larger hall may have reduced the traffic density. Although some attendees expressed concern that fewer visitors from the San Jose area would make the drive and fight parking to attend the show, SPIE recorded over 18,000 attendees this year, a record for the event. Both Technical program and Exhibit attendances were higher this year than last.

The conference opened with a special “Cirque du Lasaire” reception Monday night. The reception celebrated 50 years of laser development. The reception featured a laser show, performances by Cirque du Soleil acrobats and Jason Latimer, a self proclaimed "laser magician," and a featured drink – a bright blue ‘laser martini’. A video of the event has been posted on YouTube.

I attended the cluster reception on Tuesday evening where I met with staff from photonics clusters in New York, Florida, Arizona, New Mexico, Canada, and the Netherlands. Peter Hallett of SPIE led the meeting and discussed the need for a unified research program to assess the size of Photonics industry in order to drive more awareness and support. He specifically mentioned the industry research that CPIA has reported in our directory as an example for what is needed. I volunteered CPIA’s help on this project.

Preparations are already in place for the Colorado cluster to attend the conference West 2011. We are working to ensure that we get the best spot possible and have already contacted members asking for commitments to join the cluster. We need a minimum of eight members to register for the cluster by March 12. If you have not contacted us and are interested in being a member of the cluster into 2011, please contact Karen Eye at

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President, CPIA










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