About Photonics and the Colorado Photonics Industry Association

Photonics (fo-ton-iks) : The technology of generating and harnessing light and its energy for high tech solutions.

Formed in 1997, CPIA is a not-for-profit association of industrial, educational, and governmental entities involved in research, development, and/or the sale of products or services that involve photonics technologies. Read about our mission and values or Learn about our history.

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CPIA unites the industry in Colorado:

  • To promote the strength and contribution that photonics technologies make
  • To publicizes this strength in industry trade shows and international business forums
  • To assure a trained workforce is available to allow the industry to grow.
  • To promotes the needs and wants of the photonics industry to the local and federal governments.
  • To provides a forum for industry, academia, and government laboratories to collaborate on R&D projects.
  • To pursue research funding or investment capital.

Think you know all the applications of photonics? Check out A Day In Life with Photonics (from Harnessing Light, National Academy Press, 1998).