August 12, 2021 Don’t Forget! The AI Accelerator Grant Applications are Due 9/1/2021 -

This grant has been awarded to CPIA Members Longpath Technologies, 3D at Depth, and Momentum Optics as well as other photonics companies such as CaliberMRI, GeoVisual Analytics and Kelvin Thermal. Projects can receive up to $250,000. The Advanced Industries Accelerator (AIA) Program was created in 2013 to promote growth and sustainability in Colorado’s advanced industries.

OSA Rebrands to Optica -

OSA has an exciting new name and look. In 2017, the Board of Directors launched a multi-faceted examination of our name and its alignment with the organization as a whole. At the conclusion of much study, Optica, advancing optics and photonics worldwide, emerged as the best representation of the society.

August 1, 2021 NIST’s Quantum Crystal Could Be a New Dark Matter Sensor -

NIST physicists John Bollinger (left) and Matt Affolter adjust the laser and optics array used to trap and probe beryllium ions in the large magnetic chamber (white pillar at left). The ion crystal may help detect mysterious dark matter. Crossed laser beams were used to entangle the collective spin with the motion. The same lasers and microwaves were used to undo the entanglement. The experiment benefited from a collaboration with NIST theorist Ana Maria Rey, who works at JILA.

July 17, 2021 Keck Foundation Grant Award to JILA and Mines Physicists -

Two physicists at the CU Boulder and the Colorado School of Mines have received a $1M grant from the W.M. Keck Foundation to develop a first-of-its-kind quantum simulator that could lead to the development of a high-performance quantum computer. One of these physicists, Shuo Sun, assistant professor of physics and an associate fellow at JILA at the University of Colorado Boulder, proposes to build a quantum simulator that’s good at both aspects—the first of its kind.

July 7, 2021 ColdQuanta Reaches Milestone in Scaling ‘Cold Atom’ Processor -

After successfully trapping and addressing 100 qubits in a large, dense 2D cold atom array, ColdQuanta’s digital gate-based quantum computer is on track to massively scale qubit count beyond what is possible with other approaches. On track to be available later this year, the digital gate-based quantum computer (code named “Hilbert”) will be among the most powerful in the world using pristine qubits that have the stability of atomic clocks to massively scale qubit count beyond what is possible with other quantum computing approaches.

July 1, 2021 – Momentum Optics Selected as Luminate Cohort -

Momentum Optics selected by Luminate, the world’s top accelerator for optics, photonics, and imaging startups, for their fourth Cohort. CPIA member DoubleHelix was in an earlier Luminate Cohort. Also news for Momentum Optics, they’ve been awarded a NASA SBIR Phase I grant for the technical merit and commercial potential of their innovative optical manufacturing technology. Momentum Optics also opened a new R&D lab in Fort Collins, CO in June of this year.

June 30,2021 – NIST Laser ‘Comb’ Systems Now Measure All Primary Greenhouse Gases in the Air -

These NIST instruments identify gas signatures by precisely measuring the amounts of light absorbed at each color in the broad laser spectrum as specially prepared beams trace a path through the air. Current applications include detecting leaks from oil and gas installations as well as measuring emissions from livestock. The comb systems can measure a larger number of gases than conventional sensors that sample air at specific locations can.

June 29, 2021 Raytheon Intelligence & Space Gifts CU Aerospace $250,000 -

Raytheon Intelligence & Space announced the creation of the Raytheon Technologies Endowed Graduate Fellowship Fund. The $250,000 endowment will support top graduate students at the university’s College of Engineering and Applied Science. RI&S’ Space & C2 Systems product line is headquartered in Aurora, Colorado, and is currently hiring for 155 positions in the state.

June 21, 2021 CU’s Bowen Li 2021 Recipient of OSA’s Bernard J. Couillaud Prize -

The OSA Foundation and Coherent, Inc., are pleased to announce Bowen Li, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Colorado, Boulder, USA, as the 2021 Bernard J. Couillaud Prize winner. Li’s winning proposal focuses on the first counter-propagating all-normal dispersion (CANDi) fiber laser, a next-generation dual-comb laser source that generates two frequency combs with unprecedented pulse energies from a single fiber laser cavity.

May 22, 2021 – Epilog Laser Opens New Distribution Facility in Golden -

Epilog Laser, the leading producer of CO2 and fiber laser engraving, cutting, and marking systems, is excited open a new distribution facility near its three existing buildings in Golden. The additional facility is the latest of several exciting developments at Epilog over the last several months, including the release of the well-received Fusion Edge Laser Series, which launched in November 2020.

May 21, 2021 – Ball Aerospace Ships Pollution Monitoring Instrument -

Ball Aerospace shipped NASA’s Tropospheric Emission: Monitoring of Pollution (TEMPO) spectrometer, an air quality monitoring instrument, to the spacecraft manufacturer for integration. The imaging spectrometer, which senses ultraviolet and visible light, will make precise measurements of the key constituents of air pollution that have the greatest impact on human health and agriculture productivity. The TEMPO mission is scheduled to launch in 2022.

May 15, 2021 – Using Images of Noise to Estimate Image Processing Behavior for Image Quality Evaluation -

At the 2021 Electronic Imaging Conference, Norman Koren presented a paper that introduced the concept of the noise image, based on the understanding that since noise varies over the image surface, noise itself forms an image, and hence can be measured anywhere, no just in flat patches.

Mar 31, 2021 – New Board Chair and CFO Win $2.55M in Military Contracts -

Zayo co-founder, Dan Caruso, becomes board chairman, interim CEO of ColdQuanta. Rushton McGarr, was most recently the interim CFO of natural-foods holding company 1908 Brands, was hired to be CFO. This is part of ColdQuanta’s broader effort to commercialize its cold-laser technology for quantum computing applications. They are having success having just won two federal government contracts to apply cold-atom technology in military applications, with combined contracts worth about $2.55 million.

Mar 31, 2021 – NIST ‘Agricomb’ Measures Multiple Gas Emissions From…Cows -

NIST researchers in Boulder have unveiled the “agricomb” to measure, ahem, cow burps. Described in the journal Science Advances March 2021 issue, the NIST apparatus — a two-comb system — identifies trace gases based on the exact shades and amounts of infrared light absorbed by the atmosphere when the comb light is sent back and forth across open-air paths.

Mar 23, 2021 – Optical Sensing using Structured Light and Machine Learning -

Researchers in Associate Professor Greg Rieker’s lab at CU Boulder extend the capabilities of this technique by reshaping the intensity profile of the optical probe beam and by developing a machine learning-based signal processing scheme to analyze the expected signals which can be more complicated than those from LDV. The light scattered by a particle passing through a probe beam caries with it a history of the particle’s trajectory through the beam. When the beam is patterned, the scattered light signal is matched with the properties which gave rise to the motion via a machine learning model.

Mar 22, 2021 – CPIA Member Creates Products for Craft Brewers -

Lever Photonics is creating products for quality control and process monitoring in the food & beverages industry. Their first product focuses on craft brewers, helping them monitor beer quality, not only from the chemical standpoint but also based on how the final product should taste and smell like. Lever Photonics has a new hardware prototype and expects to release their software prototype by June 2021.

Mar 09, 2021 – Ball Completes Design Review on Space-Telescope Instrumentation -

The Wide Field Instrument is being developed in collaboration with NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. Ball’s primary responsibility is the opto-mechanical assembly, which includes the optical bench, thermal control system, precision mechanisms, optics, electronics, and the relative calibration system that provide the stable structural and thermal environment necessary for wide-field, high-quality, infrared observations.

Feb 23, 2021 – LongPath Technologies, Inc. Awarded $5M -

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy’s award will support the commercial scaling of LongPath’s innovative approach to continuous emissions monitoring and mitigation from the oil and gas sector, including the launch of Basin-SCAN.

Dec 14, 2020 – First COVID-19 Vaccines Administered in Colorado -

This week, Governor Jared Polis joined frontline health care workers as they received the first doses of the vaccine in the state in Fort Collins. Frontline health care workers in Colorado Springs also received doses of the vaccine today.

Dec 10, 2020 – CSU Among Laser Focus World’s Top 20 Photonics Advances -

Researchers at Colorado State University have developed an improved IBS process that can deposit high-optical-quality silicon dioxide (SiO2) thin films with greatly reduced residual stress. Thin-film deposition processes, in particular ion-beam sputtering (IBS), for multilayer optical coatings can cause stress in the coatings, which in turn can stress the underlying optic, possibly warping it.

Dec 9, 2020 – New JILA Tools ‘Turn On’ Quantum Gases of Ultracold Molecules -

The new scheme for nudging a molecular gas down to its lowest energy state, called quantum degeneracy, makes it possible to explore exotic quantum states in which all the molecules interact with one another. The researchers first loaded the mixture of gaseous atoms into a vertical stack of thin, pancake-shaped traps formed from laser light (called an optical lattice), tightly confining the atoms along the vertical direction.

Dec 9, 2020 –CSU Team Receives $1M Grant -

Colorado State University Professor Randy Bartels received the Deep Tissue Imaging Grant from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative to develop new technologies that could not only advance understanding of the human body, but also offer new capabilities for studying basic biology, disease pathology, and early disease diagnosis. He will work in partnership with Jeffrey Field, director of the Microscopy Core Facility, and Christian Puttlitz, professor and head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Dec 8 , 2020 –ColdQuanta Wins NASA Entrepreneurs Challenge Grant -

ColdQuanta Inc., a Boulder-based firm that is developing products based on quantum technology, has been awarded a $100,000 grant as part of the NASA Science Mission Directorate’s Entrepreneurs Challenge pitch competition. The firm was one of six winners nationwide.

Dec 7, 2020 –French firm buys Colorado Photopolymer Solutions -

French specialty chemical firm Arkema S.A. has acquired Boulder-based Colorado Photopolymer Solutions LLC. CPS is nationally and internationally recognized as having in-depth understanding of UV curing and 3D printing processes.

Dec 4, 2020 –NASA Selects Space Science Institute to Engage Next Generation -

The Space Science Institute, a Boulder-based nonprofit organization that advances the understanding of the universe, has been tapped by NASA to join its Museum & Informal Education Alliance. The alliance brings together museums, planetariums and libraries “to promote learning in STEM with the goal of inspiring the next generation of explorers,” according to a NASA news release.

Dec 1, 2020 –Longmont-based Scythe Robotics raises $13.8M -

Scythe Robotics Inc. has raised $13.85 million in what appears to be its first major round of venture capital investment. The company is building autonomous robots to handle routine maintenance for open spaces such as preserves and parks.

Dec 1, 2020 –CWDC Releases 2020 Colorado Talent Pipeline Report -

The Colorado Workforce Development Council released the seventh annual Colorado Talent Pipeline Report, which analyzes issues related to the supply and demand of talent in Colorado. The report offers a collection of strategies, investments, and policy recommendations in response to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nov 1, 2020 – CU Featured in Physics Today -

Article on the decoupling of electronic and nuclear spin states allows scattering fermionic atoms to rapidly cool includes the University of Colorado Boulder’s Jun Ye, his graduate student Lindsay Sonderhouse, and their colleagues. Ye and his colleagues borrowed a technique used for bosons: They added another laser that rendered the atoms inside the dimple transparent to the cooling laser.

Oct 28, 2020 –CSU part of LaserNetUS $18M Award by US DOE -

The U.S. Department of Energy announced in late October $18 million in funding, with $6.8 million for fiscal year 2020, for LaserNetUS. LaserNetUS is a network of 10 high-intensity laser facilities at national laboratories and universities including Colorado State University.

Aug 26,2020 – ColdQuanta Named as an Industry Partner in DOE National Quantum Center -

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has announced the creation of five new Quantum Information Science Research Centers across the country. One of the national centers, Q-NEXT, is led by DOE’s Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) and includes Cold Quanta as an industry partner. The goal of this Center is to develop the science and technology to control and distribute quantum information.

Aug 24, 2020 – New Energize Colorado Gap Fund: Applications Now Open -

The public-private investment will infuse more than $25 million into Colorado’s economy through small business loans and grants. Businesses impacted by COVID-19 and with fewer than 25 full-time employees can apply for support through a mixture of up to a maximum of $15,000 in grants and $20,000 in loans. Assistance will be provided through December 2020.

Aug 23, 2020 – Voyager Space Holdings, Inc. Launches NewSpace IP Exchange -

Voyager Space IP Exchange is the first patent and intellectual property marketplace for companies and entrepreneurs to buy, sell, and license space patents and technologies

Aug 20, 2020 – Boulder AI Announces Patent Award for Camera with Graphical Processing Unit -

Boulder AI announced the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued the company a patent that covers their camera system, which includes a graphical processing unit (GPU). The invention is a camera system that includes a GPU and is hermetically sealed, meaning its air and watertight, and can be used in harsh environments without being negatively affected.

Aug 18, 2020 -Ball Completes Flights of Imaging Instruments -

In partnership with NASA, Ball Aerospace is demonstrating the operational Landsat program’s next generation technology, having successfully completed the final airborne science flights of two compact, well-calibrated NASA Sustainable Land Imaging (SLI) instruments – the Reduced Envelope Multispectral Imager – Airborne (REMI-AB) and the Compact Hyperspectral Prism Spectrometer – Airborne (CHPS-AB).

Aug 7, 2020 – Boulder biotech companies MBio, Brava merge amid rapid growth -

Two Boulder biotech companies have merged amid a COVID-19-related growth spurt that has seen employment at the two firms grow by 150% since the beginning of the year.

Aug 7, 2020 – Boulder SBDC tech accelerator set to launch this month -

The new, virtual Tech Venture Accelerator, operated by the Boulder Small Business Development Center and Colorado SBDC Tech Source, will begin accepting applications Aug. 28. Two spots in the initial cohort of businesses will be available to Boulder-based science and technology companies. A grant will offset the standard $2,450 program fee for those ventures.

July 28, 2020 – JILA’s Ultraviolet Laser Probes Nano-Film Stiffness -

Travis Frazer at the JILA research center in Boulder, Colorado, USA, and colleagues have shown that they can quantify changes in stiffness by exposing these dielectrics to pairs of extremely short and precisely timed laser pulses.

June 23 – US Air Force Awards Tech Study Contract to York Space Systems, MSU Denver -

The U.S. Air Force awarded a Small Business Technology Transfer study contract to York Space Systems, in conjunction with Metropolitan State University of Denver (MSU Denver). The project will investigate delivering high-performance space capabilities at a low cost and minimal wait time, using leading-edge commercial space technology.

June 22 – Meadowlark Optics, Inc. Announced the Creation of the First Endowed Faculty Chair at JILA -

The Baur-SPIE Endowed Chair in Optics and Photonics will be funded by gifts of $1.5 million from Tom and Jeanne Baur, $500,000 from SPIE, and another $500,000 from CU, Boulder.

June 22 – Good News on Colorado Employment -

After losing 342,000 jobs in March and April, Colorado recaptured 20% of them, or 68,800, in the month of May. US employment fell by 22.1 million during those same two months, but added back 11% of those jobs, or 2.5 million, in May.

June 17 – Covid-19 Impact on Optical Communications -

The telecom market is expected to experience growth by end of year despite a downturn due to the covid-19 pandemic. “There’s always a dip in the market at the beginning of the year,” says Lisa Huff of Omdia, UK. She adds that the likelihood that the crisis will linger and trigger a global downturn in the sector is remote.

June 12 – US Space Force Completes GPS III SV-08 Core Mate -

The U.S. Space Force’s Space and Missile Systems Center’s Global Positioning System III program reached a major milestone with the successful core mate of GPS III Space Vehicle 08 at Lockheed Martin’s GPS III Processing Facility in Waterton, Colorado.

Jun 10 – $4 Billion in New Taxes and Fees Proposed in Colorado -

Will it bring jobs back or just prolong the recession? A series of legislative proposals and proposed ballot measures would impose billions of dollars of higher taxes and fees on a state economy that’s struggling to restart after the COVID-19 shutdown.

June 5 – Boulder-based DetectionTek Sees Increased Demand -

for its product InstaScope as sanitizing spaces becomes a necessity to protect against the spread of coronavirus. Developed by the military, applied commercially for indoor air quality, InstaScope is the only optical technology of its kind on the market.

June 5 – The Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act Signed Into Law -

The new law addresses concerns raised by the small business community about the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) that was created under the CARES Act. Among other things, it reduces the amount of the loan needed to be spent on payroll from 75% to 60%, increasing the amount of funds available for other expenses.

June 2 – UV Light and Riboflavin Reduce SARS-CoV-2 Pathogens in Plasma, Whole Blood -

Researchers at Colorado State University (CSU) showed that exposure to riboflavin and ultraviolet light can reduce SARS-CoV-2 infectivity in human plasma and whole-blood products while maintaining blood product quality.