2009 Annual Meeting

November 12, 2009. Held at the University Memorial Union, University of Colorado, Boulder.

Highlights of the event included:

  • Brief summary of the 2009 Annual Report
  • Company of the Year Award Presentation to Digital Globe; Award received by Neal Anderson, vice president of Space Systems
  • Presentations by local researchers:
    • Mario Marconi      Colorado State Univ
    • Anatoliy Pinchuk     UC Colorado Springs
    • Emily A. Gibson      UC Denver
    • Jeff Squier        School of Mines
    • Robert McLeod     CU Boulder
  • CPIA Board of Directors Elections
  • Student poster contest




Student Poster Contest Winners:


Lukasz Urbanski, Colorado State University

“Printing of Arbitrary Shape Nanopatterns by Coherent Projection Holographic and Talbot Self-Imaging”


Nathan Proper and Michael Scherman – Colorado State University

“Field-Friendly Tuberculosis Biosensor”


Rongjin Yan, Colorado State University

“Chip-Scale Biosensor for Tuberculosis Diagnosis”