2013 Annual Meeting

October 15, 2013

University Memorial Center, University of Colorado, Boulder


Thank you to our sponsors for the event:



Company of the Year Award

Presented to Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp; Award received by Jim Oschmann


Jim Oschmann, Ball Aerospace, and Brian Knollenberg, CPIA President

Photonics Service Award

Presented to Garry Gorsuch for 16 years of service to the Colorado Photonics Industry


Garry Gorsuch and Brian Knollenberg, CPIA President

33 students from Colorado School of Mines, Colorado State University, CU-Boulder, CU-Denver, and CU-Colorado Springs competed for prize money with posters of their university optics/photonics research.

Poster contest winners:


From Left to right: Anthony Barsic (University of Colorado Boulder – ECEE) for his poster “Three-dimensional super-resolution and super-localization of dense clusters of single molecules”

Susannah Brown (University of Colorado Boulder – JILA) for her poster “Development of a high-power, mid-infrared laser for probing the nanoworld”

Yu Wang (University of Colorado Boulder – ME) for his poster “Programmable, patterned optical gratings”

Brian Knollenberg, CPIA President