Folio Photonics

Address 1225 Ken Pratt Blvd.
Suite 215 Longmont, CO 80501
Phone 303-588-7491
Description Folio Photonics is a dynamic startup company focused on developing a multi-terabyte multilayer fluorescent optical disc with a decades long shelf-life, small environmental footprint, and low total cost of ownership. This technology represents a significant and much needed breakthrough for the archival and nearline data storage industry. The research and development team possess the diverse range of skills needed to bring the optical media as well as the optical pickup and optical disc drive to market.
Year Founded 2012
Employees 18 total, 3 in Colorado
Products/Services Archival optical data storage discs & drives
Keywords Optical data storage, Optical pickup units, OPU, optical disc drive, ODD, data storage, archival data storage, active archive, co-extrusion, multi-layer optical disc, Optical design, lens design, optical pickup design