Kaufman & Robinson, Inc.

ADDRESS 1330 Blue Spruce Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80524
COUNTY Larimer
PHONE (970) 495-0187
FAX (970) 484-9350
WEBSITE www.ionsources.com
EMAIL krisales@ionsources.com
DESCRIPTION Ion, Electron, and Plasma Sources
PRODUCTS/SERVICES Kaufman and Robinson, Inc. (KRI®) engineers and manufactures broad beam ion and plasma products. Our products are vacuum-based process tools which interact with materials at the atomic level. Typical material processes include the precision deposition of thin films, remote plasma etching of patterned wafers, and nanometer-scale modification of surfaces. KRI® is respected across the globe for innovative designs, product quality and technical expertise. Our products incorporate technical features such as gridded or gridless sources, DC or RF discharges, electron sources, and automated power supply packages,

KRI® products are configured to solve the application challenges which confront our customers. Whether employed in a thin film deposition or critical etching process, our products are proven process tools which are applied in a multitude of fields, including the optical, semiconductor, and data storage industries.